"The eFinesstri software has allowed us to be more efficient in managing our membership information and as a result has improved our ability to serve our Members."
Jill Davidson
System Administrator

Why eFinesstri?

A good relationship with your vendor is built on mutual commitment. You invest your resources in us, and we provide outstanding service from Day 1. We partner with your Agency for the long term.

  • Unlimited User Licensing. Our innovative licensing model gives everyone within your Agency the ability to succeed with eFinesstri!
  • Saving Money Matters. eFinesstri allows the lowest possible Credit Card Rates. You select the Merchant and negotiate your Agencyís best possible credit card rates. Unlike other Software Vendors, we donít make money on your credit card processing and we never charge a fee for online transactions.
    Contact us to calculate what you could be saving!
  • Do It Right Implementation. We convert and verify ALL of the data from your legacy system, and we do it (3) times! During the implementation process, our three complete data conversions gets your Agency started off with your best foot forward. We Do It Right.
  • Results Matter. When you invest your resources in eFinesstri, you get tangible results back. Increased Revenue. Better Data Management. Streamlined Processes. Ease of Use.
  • Our People. ARC Staff are highly regarded for their product knowledge and helpfulness. You can speak directly to a programmer! We will know your name and you will know ours. No Call Center mentality.
  • Non Profit Focus. eFinesstri was developed with Non Profits, for Non Profits. Our industry specific product performs in ways other fitness-center-based applications canít.